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What our clients say

Teacher Testimonials

As a primary teacher, teaching a variety of different classes (Jun Inf -6th) I worked with Mary our Drama teacher for a number of years. She is excellent at producing wonderful shows and staged performances for events such as end of year, Christmas, Graduations etc . She has great range of scripts, costumes, props and resources and fits the drama piece to the needs of each class. Dance, singing, movement and acting are often part of the lesson. Mary will get to know each class well and she is so inclusive of all children, giving each a chance to participate in a way that best suits their abilities and comfort levels. As well as the performance lessons many of Mary’s drama lessons involved process drama, where a staged show was not the outcome. Through story, Mary led the children to engage in drama, solving problems in both real and fictional worlds. Working in groups, they learned to co-operate with others and share their ideas. Some of these lessons were linked to other curricular areas such as history or SPHE. Children explored different topics through various drama activities such as improvisation and creative movement. These activities allowed them to enter into other lives and situations, which in turn allowed them to develop empathy skills as they engaged with life issues such as climate change and bullying. It was amazing to see the pupils work together while completely absorbed in the scenarios, as they communicated their ideas and feelings through drama. Mary is a talented drama teacher whose work combines performance and self development through process drama, which provides the children a safe space to explore their place in the wider world.
Ann Fleming. - Naas Co. Kildare
My name is Colin Murphy and I am a sixth class teacher in Scoil an Linbh Íosa, Ballycane, Naas, Co. Kildare. Mary has worked with my 4th and 6th classes. All class groups have greatly benefited from their time working with Mary. During this time the students have engaged in a range of dramatic activities such as defining the space, still images, teacher in role, mimed narration, whole group, pair or small group improvisation, hot seating, thought tracking(conscience Alley), ritual, flashback/flash-forward, briefing. Mary also led a school production of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Jack in the Beanstalk also. From my experience, the children hugely benefit from their time working with Mary. They develop their ability to enter physically, mentally and emotionally into the fictional drama context and discover its possibilities through cooperation with others. Through the exploration of different topics and study of characters the students develop their skills of empathy and creativity greatly. During the journey of the school productions, the children developed their self-confidence by speaking in front of their classmates, teachers and family. I saw first-hand many children shine on stage which was only possible through Mary's guidance, nurture and care. During all this time Mary built a very meaningful bond with the students in our school. From a personal viewpoint, it has always been a pleasure to work with Mary. She is ultra-professional in everything she does and goes above the call of duty. She has always been punctual, respectful and brings a sense of fun, enthusiasm and energy to everything she does.
Colin Murphy 6th Class Scoil and Linbh Íosa Naas
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Parent Testimonials

My three children have attended Theatrics and I cannot recommend it enough. They are three very different personalities but they all loved going to their classes with Mary. The classes are great fun, but there is a strong sense of discipline and a work ethic that is inspired by Mary’s dedication to her job. Her end of year performances are an annual highlight in our house. The atmosphere in the theatre is just magic, with parents and children (on and off the stage) getting an annual dose of razzamatazz. I’m always amazed at how much Mary gets from the children. My kids’ confidence definitely soared as a result of all their years working with her.
As a mom of 4 , 3 boys and 1 girl , Mary goes above and beyond to develop minds in self confidence , encouraging activity , team work and a result of a performance , ( goal ) Mary convinced one of my boys, whom was very shy , ( lacking self confidence , and not theatrically talented ) to come forward on stage , what a result, he has developed , and now matured , into a young teen ,and has the greatest of respect for mary , for in his words “ making me do! it ..”he may not be on stage anymore , but he has birthed a personal achievement in self confidence ... Mary Power Cooney ... I can not recommend enough goes over and beyond to develop young people
No pushing my daughter out the door for Theatrics, she's always ready. Mary keeps things interesting and all ages engaged, a testimony to her professionalism and experience. Well worth it and fantastic personal development over the last six years.
My girls were both in theatrics throughout primary school, they grew in confidence, developed skills in performance and expression in a fun & positive environment. Mary fosters a love of theatre in the kids that will last a lifetime
A word of thanks. Katelyn has looked forward to and enjoyed all your zoom drama classes. Some light in these darks days ... you are very good to continue.
Thanks Mary, you are amazing! Thanks so much for all you do for the group! Maeve loo king forward to seeing you...
Mary, thank you so much for all the fun times the kids have with you in Theatrics. They both really enjoy and are benefitting from the variety of experiences. Keep up the good work.
Just a side note to you and your staff to thank you so much for your dedication to your students, and especially during these difficult times of Covid-19. The weekly ‘free of charge’ zoom sessions with the kids has been phenomenal and has really made the lockdown more normal for them because they can still see their teacher and class mates every week. We really appreciate the time, energy and creativity you put into these weekly online sessions. It’s as good as if the children were in the theatre with you. You give them your all and it shows, thank you!!!
We love that the focus is on nurturing the kids skills of creative expression and self-esteem through age-appropriate drama games and activities in a non-competitive and supportive environment. Our kids love their weekly classes and excitedly practice any songs, dances or prose they learn each week. We heartily recommend Mary Power-Cooney’s Theatrics.
“Mary is a wonderful teacher! I have witnessed her working her magic on large classes of children over the past 8.5 years. She manages to harness the most energic children and ignite the quietest, bringing everyone together to create the most wonderful productions! My daughters have loved going to “drama” with Mary, both in school and afterschool at the Moat Theatre. During the COVID pandemic, Mary has diversified and transitioned her Theatrics business online. She has ‘been there’ for her students and has manage to fully engage them during a time where stimulation, confidence and social interaction has been threatened. Mary has a wonderful connection with her students and we are very grateful to her. Keep up your great work Mary!”
My daughter has always loved drama, after attending other drama schools a friend recommended Mary Power Theatrics. This is not just a drama class the kids are learning life lessons which they will have forever. Our young lady absolutely loves Mary's class.
Mary is: 'The best teacher in the entire theatre! ' say my 8 years old and 6 years old. Our children have been attending theatre classes with Mary for almost 4 years. Every year , they prepare for the show, which is usually every spring at Moat Theatre in Naas. It is an amazing experience for children and their parents. Mary's passion for theatre is transferred to the children. They love her. Mary teaches them acting, singing and dancing. The classes give them a lot of self confidence and opportunity to make friends with others, who share the same passion. Mary's curriculum is great. She creates scenarios and choreographies herself. Before the show, she sews costumes for all her groups. It is truly an amazing experience for our children. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mary for organizing free online classes during the pandemic. Our kids are always looking forward to these activities. 'Thank you Mary! You are a wonderful teacher and beautiful person'
There’s a reason why Theatrics is celebrating over 20 years in business. Mary’s is committed to developing children to meet their true potential through drama. My two girls love her classes. Although naturally shy they are encouraged to participate and have grown in confidence from being part of the Theatrics family. Mary truly cares for the children of her school. Her commitment has been unwavering during the pandemic. She has kept in touch with the children via weekly zoom classes continuing with fun and engaging challenges to keep them connected with each other. I asked my children how they would describe Mary PC and they said “encouraging, kind, helpful, creative and fun”. I think that says it all!!
3 of my children have been with Mary for drama for many many years and another yet to begin. They absolutely love every minute and get so much from the classes. Mary is so passionate about what she does and her enthusiasm trickles through to the kids. The confidence my children have learned and developed in performing, speaking aloud and all whilst having fun are skills they’ll have forever. Thanks Mary
My daughter has been attending Mary’s Theatrics for the last 5 year’s and my son has been attending for the last 2 years. Both of my children have benefited greatly from attending Mary. She has an amazing way with the children and she brings out the best in them. The work she puts into her classes and shows is amazing.”
.'Theatrics has been an outlet for creativity, friendships and fun for my daughter and has boosted her confidence more than anything else she does. Along with learning performance skills and helping children to collaborate, persevere, empathise and be creative, Mary has an amazing ability to seamlessly bring it all together in shows that we all love! It's drama at it's best with the talents of each individual child at it's core. Thank you Mary.'
Liz looks forward to the beginning of face-to-face classes and really enjoys all the activities and exercises that Mary PC leads the young actors through. Mary is an excellent professional and her classes help children feel confident. I would highly recommend Mary PC's classes and I would like to say thanks a million!
My 9 year old started with Mary when she was 7. My daughter was shy and did not like speaking in a crowd. Mary has worked wonders with her in class, developing her confidence in a fun team environment.
Frances Grainger
My daughter has always loved drama, after attending other drama schools a friend recommended Mary Power Theatrics. This is not just a drama class the kids are learning life lessons which they will have forever. Our young lady absolutely loves Mary's class.
Frances Grainger
My two children have been attending Mary for close on 4 years now. Her dedication to the children and hard work in putting together shows to showcase the children’s progression has been exemplary. Both my children have loved attending Mary and as a result have thrived because of it. Also during Covid, Mary has continued to support and interact with the kids through zoom in her own time and it has been a massive boost to my daughters mental health to have that to look forward to every week.
Siobhan Logan
Both of my children, aged 6 and 12 respectively, attend Theatrics Drama at The Moat Theatre every Tuesday evening. It is one of the highlights in their week. Both my wife and I have noticed how drama has improved their self confidence in social interaction, their ability to express their emotions and the respect for the craft. Mary PC is passionate, energetic and expressive in her sessions and this input creates an environment that engages, inspires and is fun for the group. In lockdown, Mary has continued to provide classes via livestream and that’s been a blessing in our home. Tuesdays remain a highlight.
Pete Kavanagh
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Student Testimonials

I have been going to Mary for 3 years, she is a great teacher and never fails to make her classes fun. Mary has a unique way of making you feel welcome in her classes, whether it be online or in person. I look forward to going to her classes every week as they brighten my day. Thank you mary for being a kind, fair and inspiring drama teacher.