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Let’s pretend

Mary Power-Cooney’s youth theatre group Theatrics (formerly Poetry n Motion) is now entering its 20th year in Naas. We are based at Naas’s fantastic Moat Theatre.


From play to making plays

Improvising or devising is how young children discover, in a safe way, the world in which they live. Game playing and the idea of pretending are accepted by society up to a certain point, but then we are expected to grow up and get on with real life!

At Theatrics, we give permission to keep pretending; it comes so naturally to the age group we work with. We use drama games based on improvisation to create characters, develop acting skills and allow for the imaginative staging of scenes.
Working without a script gives children the freedom to tell their own stories.

Improvisation is the use of drama games and exercises that enable students to develop from play-acting to play-making.

Improvisation is great for kids because

By encouraging risk taking, improvisation teaches the child to learn to trust their ideas and abilities

Brings play, humour and laughter to the process, which is relaxing and stress-reducing

Pretending and playing allows students to express a range of emotions. Aggression and tensions are released in a safe, controlled environment

Social Interaction and risk taking in drama help children to trust in themselves, others and the process

The child is allowed to come up with new ideas and to make creative choices