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“Drama to explore feelings, knowledge and ideas, leading to understanding”

Drama in the Classroom

Drama in education is not about students becoming professional theatre-makers, it is about giving them the ability and the skills of self-expression, inspiring them to imagine alternate worlds and encouraging them to dream big.

For the past 20 years Mary has worked as a drama facilitator with primary schools in the Leinster area. Her work is educationally focused and makes direct links across the curriculum. At the centre of her work is the personal artistic experience of the student. Developing this is crucial in the effective use of drama in the classroom, making it a far stronger and more effective catalyst for learning.

Acting Classes for Schools

Drama in the Classroom Workshops

During these programs students will participate in drama workshops specifically tailored to cover the NCCA Drama Curriculum and to link across other subject areas. Covering such themes as Friendship, Bullying, Stay Safe, and Wellbeing to name but a few. Teachers will observe the classes while Mary and the students work together to model drama strategies and methodologies which can be extended by the teacher and used in their own work throughout the curriculum. These courses combine the benefits of providing excellent learning opportunities for the students while also developing and building upon the teacher’s existing skills.

(There is an option to run both the Drama in the Classroom Course and Croke Park On-Site CPD course for teachers concurrently to help develop highly effective standards of practice across the 4 Domains of the Teaching and Learning Statements contained in the Quality Framework for Primary Schools 2016.)

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