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CPD Courses for Corporate World

Corporate Training: Using Theatre Skills for Business

Drama based training is an experiential learning approach.  That is to say it is backed up by sound theoretical frameworks.  As a result, it is a powerful training tool with pre-determined outcomes and measurable results.  

Harnessing the preforming arts as a teaching tool certainly reaches out to all learning styles.  However, it is not about creating actors, instead it is about giving people transferrable skills for life and for business.

Courses are streamlined to suit individual client requirements.  Therefore they range from one-off “Team Building with Theatre”  workshops to the complete “From page to stage” package.   

All of these workshops take place in the beautiful “state of the art” Moat Theatre, Naas.

Alternatively, we can also accommodate on-site workshops at a location of your choice. 

Theatrics Naas
Drama Mime Performance
CPD workshops for businesses

Team Building with Theatre.

Teams are defined by trust, collaboration, communication and a common goal.

By using improvisation and theatre games, this course

  • improves group dynamics,
  • creates a strong team spirit, and
  • develops the confidence and self-belief of team members.

Develop your teams’ skills in improvisation, then watch these skills transfer across all areas of your business.  After that, sit back and reap the benefits.

Strong Improvisers are

Stage school Kildare

From Page to Stage

Supported by theatre professionals, participants will rehearse, perform, technically operate and stage manage a full One Act production.   This production will then be performed to an audience of work colleagues, family and peers.

This is certainly a visceral experience that will challenge even the most fearless and competitive member of your team.

All participants will develop their skills in
They will experience working towards a common goal